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The NPCs of Shiva Dancing [userpic]

Personal Ads

February 19th, 2010 (11:35 am)

Kupo~o Welcome to the personal ads. I’m Molly, and I’ll be helping you along the way! To place an ad, first choose a separate screen name that will identify you, but also leave you as anonymous possible. That screen name should go in the subject line every time you comment so the people with whom you are corresponding can be sure they are speaking to the same character each time.

Remember, the point of this is to have fun, and while stealing another user’s screen name would be very easy here, remember that spoiling the fun of other people is not nice.

An ad will somewhat resemble this:

Subject: Mooglebelle (your anon name)

Examples of reasons for placing an ad: M seeking F, Kalm area / Airship for sale/ Help wanted

Below the purpose statement of the ad, place a brief description – you know, the whole "enjoys long walks on the beach" babble, the dimensions of the airship, vague details of the job for which you are hiring.

In the case of buying/selling or hiring, people can probably make their real names known very quickly for the purposes of contact information. For people-finding, the unveiling process may take a bit longer, if only to better enjoy the suspense.

Once both people have revealed themselves, feel free to move to a separate thread if interaction is going to continue, whether this thread represents a phone call or a string of texts/emails.

The NPCs of Shiva Dancing [userpic]

(no subject)

January 22nd, 2010 (10:36 am)

Welcome to the Mognet Central News Company. Here we strive to bring you all the latest news and rumours from around the world! And remember, if you’ve got a hot news story, SUBMIT it to us, kupo!

Let us introduce you to some of the team!

First of all we have Morrison. He is in charge of the Moogle Mail Network. He’ll keep you up to date with any upgrades and work on the phones and the network itself. He is one very busy moogle!
Next we have Stiltzkin. He is in charge of the World News and events. He travels all over Gaia learning all he can about the goings on of the world to keep you all informed. If you happen to come across him on your travels, be sure to buy something from him to fund his research.
Moving on, we have the Ivalician twins Hurdy and Gurdy. They’ll keep you up to date with all the news and gossip from Ivalice. And no doubt Gurdy will be keeping you informed on any chocobo news too!
Then we have Suzuna. She will keep you informed on all the news and gossip from the Spiran continent. Whatever you do, don’t touch her pom-pom, she gets mad easily!
Next up, there is Boko. This chocobo-loving moogle will be keeping you up to date in the goings on of Planetia. Don't let his angry expression fool you, he's a big softy at heart.
Moguo is in charge of bringing you the latest news from Espas. This book-smart, street-wise moogle keeps a firm ear to the ground. He’s usually pretty polite, but get on his bad side and you may want to stay away.
Next we have Mog, this lively little guy is one of the youngest of the bunch and he’s in charge of keeping you up to date on the happenings in Utica.
And where would Mog be without his twin sister Meg? She is responsible for news over on Utica’s sister continent, Esthar.
We have Mopli braving the wilderness of Pulse and keeping an eye on Cocoon above. If you happen to see her, be sure to give her a kupo nut or two. She’s kupo for kupo nuts!
Maury is the moogle in charge of Amagi news. Be sure to say 'hi' if you happen across him.
Nono is our chief airship news and reviews moogle! He’ll keep you informed on all the information you need, and will be sure to let you know of any airship sales or auctions too. He’ll also fix your airship – for a price.
Next is probably a familiar face to anyone who checks the Clan’s Hunt Boards around the world. Montblanc will be keeping you informed of any new hunts as always, but also of dangerous fiend sightings around the world.
And then we have Mosh. He is the baby of the group, even younger than Mog and Meg, but what he lacks in age and size, he makes up for in enthusiasm. He will be bringing you all the latest news on the wonderful sport of Blitzball.
And finally we introduce Molly. She is takes charge of the Personal Ads. Maybe this little moogle can help you find your soul mate? Or at least help you sell that airship you've been trying to get rid of or find that employee you need.

The NPCs of Shiva Dancing [userpic]

Mognet Central News Company

January 21st, 2010 (01:48 pm)

Welcome to the Mognet Central News Company News Submission Post!! While we do try and scan over every post, we do miss things. So, got some news you think the world needs to know about? Comment here in the most appropriate thread.

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